Sunday, May 13, 2012



1. Learning to make tres leche cake from scratch for Mothers Day.
2. Experimenting on the family. Tried a new recipe last night. Was good but need a few modifications. I didn’t like the apple cider vinegar in the dish.
3. Staying busy sort of. I need a breather. The father-in-law Alzheimers man no longer has a turn off switch. We are having to child proof our home. It is worse then a child. I am grateful he has not hurt himself.

4. Hubby is going to work a week for a local company. Aviation is scarce in the area. Good pay good folks and they may be getting another plane soon and they at that point would probably hire him full time. It would be nice to have insurance again.

5. Quiet time in the mornings.

6. Uverse app on ipad. I can watch the occasional movie while still keeping an eye on my in-laws.

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