Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Lights shine brighter then other lights.

Some people shine brighter then other people.

When there is no light and all is dark, What do you do? How do you move forward with your life?

How do you light the way? Photo-2014-04-21-15-34.jpg

How do you make sense of the world when the world

has gone crazy? Have the Gods decided to send their wrath upon an unbelieving, unsuspecting world?

Have they just turned away to let us destroy ourselves? Maybe a chance we will survive and live to breathe another day? Maybe they never existed in the first place.

Maybe we are just a freak of nature.

I'd like to think there was more to it then that. Honestly my belief changes daily with different information. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be a flowing ebbing desire of what you want it to be.

That seems to suit me best and leaves me happy and content. Yes I have tried many paths and they all lead me back to this one thing. It is whatever I need and want it to be as I desire.

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