Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Writing

My writing I must say leaves a bit to be desired. I am laughing as I write this. It comes out in fragments. I have so much on my mind trying to put it in sequence at times is a struggle.
So I have set forth for myself a goal of learning to write. Or at least taking the time to compile my thoughts and set them forth in some semblance of the english language.
I think to myself this could be fun. Truly learning to write. That just may surprise many people that know me.
So I think I am going to start with an essay of something. I don't know what at this point. Maybe different forms of art, or Chaos Magick, or Kabbalah. Some of my many interests which change on a constant basis. I will say that art is a big part of my life. I just don't have the privacy I desire to create it like I would like.
Privacy in my world at times. Usually those times that I want to work is hard to come by. My art work area is in what we call our Florida room which is open to our den and kitchen and where traffic from the outside world enters as well. My Mother-in-law is always in the den with the TV full blast as she can't hear that well. I try to put my headset on with music or a book to block it out but just hearing her often puts me off and out of the mood to do anything. I am really tired of the caregiving ball and chain.
Currently I sit out side writing this on the front porch with a big steaming cup of coffee. It is chilly at about 54 degrees and overcast but peaceful. My neighbors next door sit out a good bit as well but I can't see them from here. It is rainy today and their dogs don't even want to go out. Today is my Tuesday off. It is still hard to get away. Living with family has its ups and downs that is for sure.
See I was going somewhere with this and got totally sidetracked and can't remember. OK my point has been made. I am going to work on my writing and post it here to my blog to see how I do. What is interesting is I just learned that this program does not scroll so I can keep writing and see my work. I may have to find another app. Time to start looking I guess. Photo-2014-04-29-14-07.jpg

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