Friday, April 13, 2012

Today 4-13-12

I am accepting that my darling husband is often annoying. I don’t feel wrong saying this.

I was busy getting the in-laws breakfast and he kept wanting me to help him put a new light in the kitchen.

It’s not that easy. Mom has her pills,coffee,milk and oh yes don’t forget her water. Dad has to have all soft food plus his pills have to be crushed into his food. Then it takes over a half hour to feed him. He has gone past being able to do this on his own.

Enough. I looked at him with a look like come on i have got to do this now. Duh! Finally he backed off.

Then we had planned to work on cleaning out the shed while the respite worker was here. She was supposed to be here at 2:00. She never showed. So instead of calling her or texting her to see what was going on I called the office and spoke with her boss. I was nice but like hey what is going on. I know at times numbers get fudged but I am tires of people taking advantage of us and my in-laws.

So no cleaning out the shed. We can’t leave them alone and it will take both my husband and I to move some of the stuff. I am a bit aggrevated. Don’t I have the right to be? Regardless it is how I feel.

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